Is Online Roulette Fixed?

My most reliable online roulette wheel. I play a lot of online roulette. Now, I don’t believe any of the roulette wheels on this site are “unfair”, but I do have a personal favourite, and that’s the one at the Bet365 […]

Chasing Losses On Roulette

The Same Old Roulette Story It’s a Sunday afternoon, and you decide to throw $200 into your casino account for a few casual spins on the roulette wheel. You can’t really afford to lose this (your first bad decision of […]

American Roulette Probability

Here are a few useful probabilities for American roulette. Alongside the charts, I’ve included graphs that compare the American roulette probabilities to those of the European roulette probabilities. The difference in odds and probability for these two variants is explained at the bottom of the […]

Roulette House Edge

Here are some common questions regarding the house edge in roulette: What is the house edge in roulette? Is the house edge in different roulette games (e.g. European/American/French) the same? How is house edge worked out? In this article I’m […]

Online Roulette Tips

For those of you reading this article with the hopes of picking up some tips to help you consistently win money at the roulette table; I’m sorry to disappoint, but neither I nor anyone in the world will be able […]